Monday, May 20, 2013

Small Pebble Pot


Finished project

Pebbles to use ...

Small plain ceramic pot
*  I’ve had this plain little ceramic pot for years, 
and decided that it needed a bit of a make-over.  
I was after a quirky looking little pebble pot.

*  Spread glue evenly, section by section as needed, 
and place pebbles randomly as you see fit.  
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder remember :)

*  Allow to dry fully once all pebbles are placed.

*  Using a soft paint or craft brush, blend a small amount of glue with water 
until a white-coloured liquid is achieved.

*  Gently brush this mixture all over the project, 
making sure to fill all nooks and crannies between the pebbles.  
Allow to dry  -  1 to 2 days.

*  Once dry, spray thoroughly with tile waterproofing spray and allow to dry.

*  All done :) 


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