Monday, May 20, 2013

Zig-Zag Pebble Pot


Finished project.

Terracotta pot to be used ...

*  Choose a selection of round pebbles and oblong river stones.

*  Draw the desired design on the terracotta pot using a pencil, 
tweaking it here and there to suit your taste.  
With this project I chose to use a mix of stone and decided upon a simple zig-zag design.

*  Spread glue evenly upon the section to be worked on, 
and place pebbles where you wish to achieve your desired effect.

*  Once complete, allow the pot to dry fully ... generally one to two days.

*  Mix a small amount of glue with water in a plastic bowl or tub. 
Using a soft, clean paint or craft brush, stir the solution until all the glue is dissolved 
and a weak, white liquid is achieved.  

*  Gently, yet liberally paint the glue solution into all the crevices between the pebbles, ensuring that every section of the entire project is saturated.  
Allow to dry for at least a day or so.

*  Liberally spray tile waterproofer all over the finished project,
 making sure that you get it into all the tiny gaps between the pebbles.

All finished :)


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