Monday, May 20, 2013

Pebble Flower Picture

Pebble Flower Picture

Plain Pine template bought from the craft section at the hardware store.
I then painted it with metallic gold paint so that any small gaps in the pebbles 
would not show through as plain pine once the project is complete.

Placing the pebbles ...

*  I arranged the flowers first to ensure that I could space them out evenly across the board.

*  I chose the most perfectly round, tiny little river pebbles
 to create this 3D flower picture.

*  Make a watery mixture of plain water and a small amount of glue and stir with a soft paint or craft brush, until fully dissolved .  Brush this solution all over the mosaic project, making sure that all the tiny nooks and crannies between the small pebbles.  Allow to fully dry.

*  Spray the entire picture with Tile Waterproofing Spray, 
and allow to dry thoroughly.

All done :)

Completed Project

**  This project was quick, simple and visually effective.


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