Monday, May 20, 2013

Small Pebble RUNE Pot

Small Pebble

Finished item 

Terracotta pot to be used ...

A selection of Runes to be used ...

*  For this project I used small rounded-shaped, different coloured Rune stones 
and quirky-shaped tiny pebbles to fit in between the crevices.

*  Spreading a small amount of glue at a time, 
place each stone to its most comfortable and visual appeal.  

You may find that the ‘right’ pebbles will present themselves to you.

*  Once your project is totally dry and set (one to two days), 
make a weak solution of glue blended with water.  
Use a soft bristled paint or craft brush to blend the water and glue mixture, 
then brush the solution on all areas of your project, 
paying particular attention to the nooks and crannies between each pebble. 
 Allow to dry for a day or two.

*  Using Tile Waterproofing Spray, ensure that all stones are thoroughly covered
 and waterproofed, ideal for outdoor use.  
Allow to dry.

Finished product ...

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Elderfuthark RUNES



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